The Department of Finance is a key central agency of the government of Papua New Guinea mandated by the Constitution, the Organic Law on Provincial and Local-level Governments and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

The Department is responsible for providing direction and support in financial policy formulation, financial systems development and maintenance, financial and accounting information processing, financial management and accounting procedures, monitoring of financial performance against the budget and legislative compliance and financial reporting requirements for the whole of Government.

Other specific requirements creating and authorising the performance and execution of Department’s responsibilities come from policy determinations of government reflected in government development plans and annual budgets.

Mission Statement

To promote the efficient, effective and ethical use of public money in Papua New Guinea.

We protect the public money of all the people of Papua New Guinea by providing service to the government through the Minister of Finance. The department aims to constantly improve the transparency and accountability of accounting and financial reporting and frameworks.

VISION Statement

To serve the people of Papua New Guinea by ensuring public money is used to achieve broad-based and sustainable development, particularly in rural areas.


We provide Service to the people
We act with Honesty at all times
We accept Accountability for our actions
We Respect all people
We are Professional in our work.


The Secretary leads an Executive Team comprising two Deputy Secretaries (DS), representing Strategy and Operations, seven First Assistant Secretaries (FAS) and one Program Manager (PM) who represent the eight Divisions.  The Department is undergoing reform to deliver enhanced public finance management across the public sector and across the country – updates will be provided.

Seated: Ms Margaret Tenakanai, First Asst. Sec (NTRD); Mr Stephen Nukuitu, Dep. Sec, Operations; Dr Ken Ngangan, Secretary for Finance; Mr Samuel Penias, Dep. Sec, Strategy; Mr Samson Metofa, First Asst. Sec (FRCD).
Standing: Mr Gabi Kila, First Asst. Sec (PDFMD); Mr Joe Sapa, First Asst. Secretary (CSD); Mr Tess Wingi, First Asst. Sec (IACD); Mr Dominic Ira, First Asst. Sec (FCD); Mr Glen Hurley, Manager (FMIP); Mr Keith Dihm, First Asst. Sec (ICTD).


The Corporate Plan 2013 – 2015 outlines the Department’s direction and purpose. It highlights the missions, visions, values, strategies and outcomes of the Department in facilitating the priorities of Government in public expenditure and financial management.  A new Corporate Plan is currently being prepared and will be released as soon as it is finalised.