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What our Graduates have to say about the program

“The graduate program is a good initiative by the department of finance to gives us an opportunity to work with in the department. Working with the department has helped me learn the process of how an Act is enacted by the parliament, how to make NEC submissions, how to make sure that the statutory bodies comply with the part Viii of PFMA. I have been able to learn the process of disposing assets of statutory bodies.
In general, as an accountant graduate, the program has enhanced my knowledge and broadened my understanding of how public funds are managed. I have been able to network with other staff within and from other statutory bodies for instance during the National wide awareness week, we had to liaison with them.
In the future, I would see myself in the Internal Audit division with the department since my interest is in Audit”.

Helga Bosum
Financial Reporting & Compliance Division

“The department of finance graduate program is a training programing for
skill enhancement. It has given me an opportunity to learn how the
public service sector works. Been able to work with some of the senior
staffs and consultants within the department who have been able to share
their skills with me.
I was also given an opportunity to get involved in formulating the department’s strategic plan.
My role has also covered areas in Human resource management, both in
external and internal recruitment processes and Policy writing.
I have been able to network with most of the staff in the department,
consultants, and also with the staffs of Pacific Institute of Leadership
and Governance (PILAG), UPNG, PAU and other external institutions
I intend to continue developing my career with in the department in Management.

Gibson Mas
Organizational Strategy Division

“I am very grateful to be one of the 25 successful graduates employed with the department in march 2018. I believe during the 12 month i have contributed my skills, experience from internships, knowledge we gained from school to the department and in return I have also learned so many things from our senior staff.
I have learned how different government agencies work with their payroll systems and warrants, Electronic Funds Transfer, debt Payment reporting, journal entries for agencies drawing naccounts and revenue collections.
I was very happy to know that finance extends support to its staff in terms of career development like facilitating staff school programs.
I have been able to network with other departments like; the Budget team at treasury department, PNG customs, IRC, Parliament, PFO’s DFO’s and many more.
In the next 5 years I would like to assume a senior position with my preferred division since I will have acquired much more experience”.

Melody Hetta
Financial Control Division

“The graduate program is an open door and an opportunity to work with the department of finance. I have been able to learn a lot from senior staff at the department. I have been able to learn things like working on General Ledgers, working with the team in that is involved in financial reforms like the National procurement act, public financial management act and more financial frame works.
I intend to stay with the department so as I can achieve my career goals like obtain my CPA from the new program (PNG association of government accountants) the department has established and also be able to do my master’s degree”.

Stanis Hirie
Financial Reporting & Compliance Division