New Guinea Islands Region

The Islands Region is one of four regions of Papua New Guinea (PNG) comprising the Bismarck Archipelago and north-eastern Solomon Islands Archipelago, located north-east of the mainland on eastern New Guinea island.

This is the least populous inhabited region of the country with an estimated population of 1,096,000 (15% of PNG) in 2011 census.

It is distinct through its prehistory and history, as shown by the prevalence of Austronesian languages, and archeological findings of Lapita pottery culture.

New Guinea Islands Region under the Provincial and District Financial Improvement Division (PDFMD) consist of the following structural position with staff ceiling of five (5)

    • Regional Assistant Secretary
    • Regional Coordinator
    • Regional Operations Manager
    • Regional Assistant Operations Manager
    • Regional Administrative Office

The Regional Officers attached with the Provincial and District Financial Management Division (PDFMD) in Waigani manage and coordinate the whole operations of the five (5) Provinces and Twelve (12) Districts in the Region

  1. Bougainville (autonomous region)
  2. East New Britain
  3. West New Britain
  4. Manus
  5. New Ireland