DoF gets new Acting secretary

DoF gets new Acting secretary

Outgoing secretary Dr Ken Ngangan has warmly welcomed and congratulated the appointment of Mr Samuel Penias as the acting Secretary for the Department.

He said Mr Penias is not new to the Department and the right candidate to take the role.

He has wealth of experiences and I am confident the Department is in safe hands to deliver on the Government’s key reforms and agendas in the financial management space.

I want to encourage all officers to give the same support and commitment to Mr Penias to support the Department in delivering services to our people.

On the same sentiment a/secretary Mr Penias thanked Dr Ngangan for his leadership over the past 10 years.

He said, Dr Ngangan has done a lot of work in terms of financial reforms and provided the support that the Government needed to deliver on its core mandate.

I want to assure everyone that I will continue the work in driving key reforms in the financial management space.

One of the key areas that I want to see improvement is good governance, accountability and transparency in the work that we do to build confidence for the Government, stakeholder partners and our people.

The senior management team also thanked the outgoing secretary Dr Ken Ngangan for his leadership in bringing the Department to this stage and also congratulate a/secretary for his new appointment and pledged their continued support in driving key financial reforms in supporting the Government to deliver services to our people.