DoF (Australia) visits DoF (PNG)

DoF (Australia) visits DoF (PNG)

Department of Finance Australia, has visited the Department last month to revive the partnership program which was on hold due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The Australian Government is keen on maintaining long term relationship with the two countries in providing assistance and one of them is development of skilled workforce.

The Australian team met with the senior management team discussing training program arrangement to up-skill officers.

Secretary Ngangan welcomed the discussion for reviving the exchange program with more officers to participate in this program.

 Dr Ngangan said our focus now will be on professional development and executive coaching.

He also extends the Aust-Govt twining program and to have officers train at Canberra Australia.  This will broaden officers’ skills and knowledge working at international level.

‘’We look forward to working with the training team at Aust Department of Finance and get the training rolling immediately.

He further stated that the next pace going forward will be long- term training and your support will greatly help our human resource development.

‘’We look forward to work with you and the team and see more training to be conducted.’’

‘’It is a timely visit as we just have our officers  graduate at the University of Papua New

Guinea.,’’ he said

Aust-Department of Finance team welcome the discussions that was held over the two-day meeting and is happy to assist the Department once arrangements are done. The team is keen to engage and train officers from key agencies in the government sector.

 Apart from the Department of Finance, they also visited Department of Treasury and had similar training programs discussion with their senior management.