Northern (Oro) Province

Oro Province, formerly (and officially still) Northern Province, is a coastal province of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital is Popondetta. The province covers 22,800 km2, and has 176,206 inhabitants (2011 census). The province shares land borders with Morobe Province to the northwest, Central Province to the west and south, and Milne Bay Province to the southeast. The province is located within the Papuan Peninsula.

Provincial Finance Manager (PFM)Provincial Finance Office Contact
Mr. Jimmy LamiP.O.Box 155,Popodetta
Oro Province
Phone: 70361970

Districts and LLGs

Each province in Papua New Guinea has one or more districts, and each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas. For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.

DistrictDistrict Finance ManagerDistrict CapitalLLGContacts
Sohe DistrictMrs. Margaret MoideKokoda
  1. Higaturu Rural
  2. Kira Rural
  3. Kokoda Rural
  4. Tamata Rural
Tel: 74789730
Ijivitari DistrictMr. Ronnie SibePopondetta
  1. Afore Rural
  2. Cape Nelson Rural
  3. Oro Bay Rural
  4. Popendetta Urban
Tel: 72806817


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