Jiwaka Province

Jiwaka is a province of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital is temporarily located in Kurumul. Mostly all provincial matters are handled in Kurumul while few are handled in Minj.

The province covers an area of 4,798 km², and there are 343,987 inhabitants (2011 census final figures—2000 census 185,641). Jiwaka province officially came into being on 17 May 2012, comprising three districts previously part of Western Highlands Province. Mount Wilhelm, the tallest mountain in Papua New Guinea, is on the border of Jiwaka.

“Jiwaka” is a portmanteau word combining the first two letters each of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia. The inclusion of the Anglimp Rural LLG in Jiwaka was controversial, and was reviewed after the 2012 general elections.

Provincial Finance Manager (PFM)Provincial Finance Office Contact
Mr.John BariP.O Box 26 Banz
Jiwaka Province
Phone: 74484679

Districts and LLGs

Each province in Papua New Guinea has one or more districts, and each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas. For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.

DistrictDistrict Finance ManagerDistrict CapitalLLGContacts
North WaghiTimson YahamaraiBanz
  1. North Waghi Rural
  2. Nondugl Rural
Tel: 72467094
JimiJoseph KalaTabibuga
  1. Jimi Rural
  2. Kol Rural
Tel: 73336434
Anglimp South WaghiPaul KukMinj
  1. Anglimp Rural
  2. South Waghi Rura
Tel: 72169861


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Provincial Finance Offices