Momase Regional workshop a success

The Provincial, District Financial Management Division has successfully
completed the Momase and lower Highlands region regional workshop.
Deputy Secretary Samuel Penias and senior management team were there to officiate the three-day workshop on 28th -30th July at the Lae International Hotel, Morobe Province.
The Deputy Secretary Penias challenged the officers from the province and districts to strictly adopt the work plan and do their work in delivering financial services to the people.
The purpose of this workshop was to inform PFOs and DFOs on the work plan and the importance of the reform that are driven by the Department which concerns the sub-national levels.
This workshop also gives opportunity for officers in province and district to raise any issues of concerns that they face in delivering financial services to the people.
This allows for endorsement for the issues to be forwarded to respective division to address it and find a solution going forward.
The outcome was positive due to the fact that concerns and issues raised during the workshop were analyse in advance to provide feedback to officers from the province and districts.
More than 300 officers from the two regions attended the workshop including East Sepik Provincial Administrator and Deputy Provincial Administrator.
Presenters for the workshop include the Internal Revenue Commission on the Goods and Services Tax Section, Financial Reporting Control Division presenting on financial reforms about IPAS, while Non-Tax Revenue on Digital Payments, Financial Control Division presenting on Child Maintenance and Court Bails, IFMS on Network problems and installation of networks, while Organizational Strategy Division on the Retirement, retrenchments, staff structure, renewal of Contracts and PDFMD sums up presentation on the Annual Work Plan for the Provincial Finance Managers and District Finance Managers at the Sub-National level.