DPM estimates K80mil for 2020 & 2021 compulsory retirement exercise

Department of Personnel Management has hosted a three-day workshop themed “Correct Process and Procedures for Retirement” which was attended by all Government Departments and State Agencies on the 22-24 June 2021 at the Crown Plazza, Port Moresby.

Department of Finance Human Resources officers were also part of the meeting to learn about the correct procedures for 2021 retirement exercise for DoF officers.

DPM stated those officers who missed out on the 2020 retirement exercise will all be included in 2021 compulsory age retirement.

DPM Secretary Taies Sansan who was there to officiate the workshop said this year we are looking at 404 public servants for compulsory age retirement with an estimated budget of K80 million inclusive of Nambawan Super costs.

She said DPM is taking a new approach to implement the retirement exercise through the Government payroll system that includes the officer’s repatriations to their respective provinces.  

 ‘‘The onus now is on each Government agencies to take responsibilities of your officers for the 2021 exercise.

She further said all Government agencies are urged to deal with their officers and see who have reached the compulsory age and get them prepared for the retirement exercise.

“We access the Government payroll system and sometimes at the end of pay 26, some Government agencies should have some money in their accounts. I want to urge agencies to use this money to retire officers under compulsory age for retirement,’’ she said.

“I hope that at the end of this workshop you will learn as much as you can, the procedures, and the correct processes to carry out retirement exercise in your respective agencies.”

Secretary Sansan said the information provided to us by HR officers from the respective Government agencies is vital for the budget of this exercise, therefore it is important that you provide the correct information for your officers

Meanwhile, at the workshop DPM highlighted new initiatives the Department is embarking on including Housing for public servants, public service clinic and media and Life Insurance Policy.