DoF 2020 retirees all set

The 2020 retirees’ awareness session was a success and thanks to Department of Personal Management officers who was there to facilitate the session yesterday (13 July 2021) for the National Capital District retirees.

The Awareness Session was led by Department of Personnel Management, which DOF retirement team and 2020 retirees were also part of the session.

During the session, they inform the retirees of their final entitlements and also go through with them to make sure they agree with it before signing the Deed of Release.

All retirees were given a week to confirm their entitlements and revert back to responsible officers to proceed on for payment which is set for pay 17 of 2021.

One of our DoF retiree Ms Lohia Gabutu who was very excited and agreed to sign her Deed of Release after going through her final entitlements.

Ms Gabutu started working with the Department at the age of 16 in 1976 as a typist until 1978 she was promoted to work as a machinist.

When asked how she feels leaving after years of serving in the public service, a joyful Ms Gabutu said it’s about time to leave and give space for the young ones.

I have given my best to serve the people of this country and now is time to be with my family.

And yes I have decided to use my final entitlement to venture into SMEs.

My heart felt thank you to the Retirement team for making it possible for the smooth transition and payout of our final entitlements.