Department welcomes new Minister

Department of Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan has welcomed the new Minister for Finance and Rural Development Sir John Pundari on the 06th of January, 2021 at the Apec Haus, Port Moresby.
Secretary Ngangan on behalf of the Department of Finance, National Procurement Commission and the Department of Implementation and Rural Development congratulated Sir John Pundari for his new appointment.
He said we are looking forward to working with you in the years ahead.
Secretary Ngangan said there are a lot of new reforms that the Department has taken on board, and with your leadership we will drive these reforms forward.
He further highlighted a few achievements of the Department like the public accounts which the Department made a lot of effort to clean public accounts and the rollout of the Intergraded Financial Management System.
‘‘Today I am glad to inform you that the Department is now producing the reports of the public accounts which is the mandate of the Department of Finance,’’ he said.
Minister for Finance and Rural Development Sir John Pundari thanked Prime Minister Hon. James Marape for having the trust and confidence in him to appoint him as the Minister for Finance and Rural Development.
He also thanked all the hard working officers of the Department for their service to the people of this country.
“Your commitment and loyalty in your various capacities to serve your people, I want to say thank you very much,’’ he said
He said he will give his full political support and the leadership that the agencies need to drive policies and reforms of the Government.
He further stated that he will not interfere with the officers’ profession.
Sir Pundari said that the IFMS is the way forward for transparency, accountability and reducing corruption.
‘‘I want to congratulate government departments, agencies and provinces who are now using IFMS.
We can all work together to see there’s transparency and accountability in public monies,’’ he said.
Department of Implementation and Rural Development Secretary Aihi Vaki also shared similar sentiments congratulating the new Minister Sir John Pundari.
He said Sir Pundari is a senior politician with a lot of experience that will enable him to provide the guidance and leadership to the agencies under his ministry.
‘‘We will all work as a team to give him our full support to deliver public service to our people,’’ he said.