Department facilitates Non-Tax Revenue Bill meet

As part of the process for the presentation of the Non-Tax Revenue Administration Bill at the April Parliament sitting, the Department of Finance has facilitated a consultative meeting with all Statutory Bodies on the 25 February, 2021 at the Apec Haus.
The consultation aims to seek inputs as to whether any of the terms, definitions or process contained in the Bill are of a particular concern to any statutory body.
DoF Deputy Secretary Ms Magaret Tenakanai who chaired the consultative meeting said all statutory bodies will be given enough time after this meeting to make any further comments in writing which will be considered prior to the presentation of the Bill in the National Parliament.
Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan said the Non-Tax Revenue Administration Bill is the replacement to the Public Money Management Regularisation Bill ruled against in court in May 2020.
Ngangan said this bill aims to make sure all Non-Tax Revenue goes into the consolidated revenue funds.
Therefore it is a fundamental requirement that there must be a consultation and Statutory Bodies need to be clear of the understanding of the National Fiscal Policy. This process allows to divert funds into the consolidate revenue fund to support the National Budget.
Minister for Finance and Rural Development Sir John Pundari who was there to officiate the consultation meeting said we have to challenge ourselves to do the right thing for our country and the government.
‘‘We have the opportunity to make changes now, let’s do it now and never regret in the interest to take back our country,’’ Sir John said.
The consultation meeting saw a good turnout and feedback from the statutory body heads and representatives on the Non-Tax Revenue Administration Bill.