Secretary Ngangan visits Rigo District Finance Office

Department of Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan and senior management have visited Rigo District Finance Office, outside Port Moresby in Central Province on 12 September, 2020.

District Chief Executive Officer Koru Abe warmly welcome and thank Secretary Dr Ngangan and the senior management team for visiting the district.

Dr Ngangan said we are here because, there is number of non-public financial management programs placed under the Department of Finance with the new Minister Hon Rainbo Paita. These programs include Public Private Partnership, Special Economic Zone, Block Chain and the Financial Inclusion Program.

The Department is keen to take the lead in implementing these programs and Financial Inclusion is one of the programs we are planning to roll out in all the districts and Rigo is the first district visited.

“We are here to see the set up and how we can use the existing facilities and system to implement this program together with our partners. This district would be one of the model districts to roll a complete comprehensive of financial, banking, postal and Government financial management services.

“We will bring back postal and banking services to link our people through the Government financial inclusion and SME programs and can be housed together here in the DFO.

“This is the government program that we are trying to reach out to the rural population and provide much needed services and awareness to them.’’

The Department is looking forward to work together with partner agencies, stakeholders and the district administration to implement this program.