Officers benefit from Dept housing project

Geraldine Kaupa was the proud owner to a beautiful home under the Department of Finance Housing Project.

The house was officially opened by the Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan while the contractor handed over the key to Ms Kaupa through the Department on the 9th of October, 2020 at Tokarara Finance Compound, Port Moresby.

While officiating the ceremony Dr Ngangan said this is not the end but the Department through the housing project team will continue to help staff to own homes.

He further urged officers to engage in available opportunities. There are other options to look at like the private home ownership scheme.

“The good news for our officers is that for credit worthiness, we have arranged with the BSP for its officers to carry out assessment for interested officers and make options for them to participate,” Secretary Ngangan said.

“The Department will liaise on our behalf with the BSP bank and possible contractors for the land and housing package”, he added.

A tearful Ms Kaupa thanked all the partners for making her dream come true to own a home. She said knowing that I have a beautiful home it makes the busiest days manageable.

‘’It has brought me great happiness into my life, children and my family,’’ she said.

X-Treme Works Managing Directing Wari Puana said they are satisfied with the construction of the house and hope the owner enjoys it.

On that note, the Department also handed over the title of an institutional house to Dr Nama Polum at the same Tokarara Finance Compound.

Home Ownership scheme is an on-going project and Dr Ngangan encourages all staff to participate including the young officers. Few more staff houses will soon be completed and handed over to them.

There to witness the ceremony were, Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, senior management and officers, X-Treme contractor team, BSP representatives and the compound residents.