Dept presents computers to NHC

The Department of Finance has presented two computers to the National Housing Corporation (NHC) last Friday, 11 of September, 2020 at the Vulupindi Haus.

The donation was to the Legal Unit of the Corporation to help them with their work and daily operations.

Deputy Secretary Samuel Penias said DoF have supported the Coporation in many ways and this is a show of our continued support.

National Housing Coporation Acting Managing Director Ms Bowada said on behalf of the staff and management especially our Legal Unit we appreciate the presentation of the two computers.

“The two computers is a big relief to the Legal Unit and this marks the first time that the Coporation has received assistance externally,’’ she said.

“Department of Finance has helped the Coporation in many ways, one of them was payment of outstanding water bills for staff houses after a long eight years now we have water connected.

“The Department has come to the great rescue to NHC and slowly the Coporation is coming in line with the other state agencies.

“We appreciate the donation and the initiative of the Department under Deputy Secretary Mr Samuel Penias Chairman of the Internal Audits Committee and the team.

Dr Ken Ngangan thanked NHC Acting Managing Director Ms Bowada and the team and said this presentation was a show of support to NHC for its efforts as it is a big institution that looks after public housing for the country.

He said meeting the housing needs of the people is a challenge for us.

“To show our support for the great work that the National Housing Coporation is doing and the continued support we are pleased to present these two computers that will help in the operations of the institution,’’ he said.

Dr Ngangan further stressed that the Internal Audits is vital in every organisation to work together to strengthen internal progress to make organisations better.

There to witness the presentation were, Internal Audits Compliance Division officers, DoF Deputy Secretaries, First Assistance Secretaries and NHC Managing Director Ms Bowada and NHC representatives.