New officers inducted

The Department has inducted a total of 50 new staff into public service at the APEC Haus on July 2, 2020.

Secretary Ken Ngangan was present to officially conclude the two-day event  congratulate the staff for successful 12 months’ probation. He welcomed the staff into the public service and the Department.

“You have been part of a competitive and transparent recruitment process and count yourself one of the best to be working for the Department.”

Dr. Ngangan challenged the staff to perform to their best of their abilities with a positive attitude.

“My advice to you is to focus on the job that is before you and do it well.”

Secretary Ngangan said it is not easy to get into the Department given its role being one of the government’s central agencies.

“Overtime, once you give your best to the job you perform ;  promotions will fall in place.”

Dr. Ngangan stressed that there are no automatic progression into positions, but experience supported with appropriate academic qualifications will justify the positions that you will move into.

He encouraged them not to become too comfortable in the current positions but have an open mind and have the opportunity to move around in the Department for skills enhancement.

“Now that you have successfully completed the two day induction program, I’m sure you are aware of the Public Service requirement that guides our conduct within the Public Service Management Act and the General Order as well as other relevant laws that support us.”

“It’s competitive that we know these things by heart so that it helps us perform our jobs well as well as in the event that we counter to the laws, you know what our rights are so you have the opportunity to protect yourselves.”

Speaking on behalf of the inductees, Mr Charles Yakopa thanked Secretary Ngangan and the Department for the opportunity given to be part of the Department and encouraged everyone to be agents of change for a better staff of the Department.

Mr Yakopa also thanked the Organisational Strategy Division for organising the two-day induction having speakers from DPM and Nambawan Super as well.