Dept backs support against all forms of violence

The Department of Finance backs the support against all forms of violence at home and working environment and urged for a free, fair and equal participation of its activities of both male and female officers.

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) is an arm in the Department that is advocating on free violence and equal participation of both male female at workplace.

Last month the social media was flashed with domestic violence issues that brought the nation in solidarity for a protest march to end violence against women which the Department of Finance was part of.

Minister for Finance and Rural Development Hon. Rainbo Paita joined the walk said he walked not only because he is a leader but a son, a brother, a husband and a father.

He joined the walk on behalf of his mother, sisters, wife and daughters. He supported the call; ‘‘Enough is Enough.’’

DoF GESI Manager Josephine Dinni when speaking during the induction of new officers said, we strongly support equality of both genders at the workplace. Every officer should respect each other especially the female officers.

‘‘If you feel that you are treated unfairly or faced any form of abuse, I urged you to report to GESI desk so that we can address these issues fairly,’’ she said.

The Department also has Male Advocate Network (MAN) assisting the team and our Secretary is the Chairman of the group.

Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan has been supporting this fight stating that Department is strongly against gender based violence in all forms.

‘‘Here at the Department we are promoting a violence free working environment for all genders,’’ he said.

‘‘I urge both genders to treat each other fairly promoting a healthy working environment for all.’’