Workshop discusses annual work plan

The FMIP Provincial Capacity Building Program (PCaB) has conducted its annual planning workshop on 24 to 28 of February 2020 at Vulupindi Haus Level one Training Room.

The purpose of the workshop was to share, discuss and review the Advisor’s 2019 Annual Work Plan (AWP) and plan for their 2020 work plans by incorporating inputs from other Divisions within the DoF such as IFMS (Phase 2), CSD (FMTB) and FRCD etc.

The workshop was officially opened by the FMIP Program Manager, Thomas Leute.

Speaking at the Workshop opening Mr Leute stressed the vital role the PCaB Program plays in supporting the DoF in rolling out of IFMS at the sub national including other PFM Reforms that the Department has initiated since 2015.

In attendance as part of the opening procession, was also the UNDP Assistant Resident Representative Ms Julie Bukikun who shared similar comments from the donor’s perspective in order for donors to continue to support the Department through the PCaB Program.

The Program Advisors were also fortunate to have the Secretary in the workshop during the mid-week to acknowledge their support in the provinces.

He encourage Advisors to continue the good work of supporting these major PFM reforms through awareness and implementation to ensure that these reforms are operationalised and sustained at various institutions at the sub national.