Minister Paita presents K1 million to Public Accounts Committee

Minister for Finance and Rural Development Hon. Rainbo Paita has presented K1 million to the Public Accounts Committee at the Vulupindi Haus yesterday (on Wednesday 22, 2020).

On hand to receive the funding was PAC Chairman Sir John Pundari  and witnessed by the Department of Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, PAC secretariat, committee members, Department senior officers and members of the media fraternity.

Minister Paita commended Chairman Pundari for the great work that is evident in some of the State institutions currently under investigations.

‘’It is important that we support an established committee in making sure every State institutions accountable for the funds that they received from the Government,’’ Minister Paita said.

‘’I am happy to see Sir John heading this important committee and thanked the Governor for Northern Province Hon. Gary Juffa who had done a tremendous job in putting some institutions under spotlight.

‘’I want to also thank the Public Accounts Committee members for the work done in the past months under the leadership of Sir John. We are hoping much will be done this year and see how best we can work together as Public Accounts is crucial in the Public Accounts Management Act.

‘’It is our responsibility as the Finance Department to make sure timely funding is given and we will continue to support the great work that the team is doing to bring some issues under spotlight.

He said we want to give the public confidence that all state institutions will be accountable for all the funding that is given.’’

PAC Chairman Sir John thanked the Government through the Ministry and the Finance Department for making K1 million available to the Committee.

He said this shows the commitment this government has under the leadership of Marape-Government in supporting Parliamentary Committees.

‘’This is the first time the government has recognised the significance of a Parliamentary committee. This funding will be used to address issues surrounding us in conducting inquiry into institutions,’’ he said.

He also thanked Secretary Ngangan, Department of Finance staff for the great work in supporting Minister Paita and the Ministry.