Ngangan announces 2020 accounts open

Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan has announced the 2020 Government accounts are officially opened at the Vulupindi Haus.
The Accounts have opened on January 6 this year. Secretary Ngangan said this allows smooth flow from 2019 to 2020 financial year.
Dr Ngangan stated in previous years the opening of accounts take place around March and this has changed this year. It is an achievement for us as the Department responsible for the government accounts.
‘’We had a hard close of accounts in 2019 and I thank the Minister for Finance and Rural Development Rainbo Paita who led the close of accounts well,’’ he said.
This was a quick turnaround as we now open the 2020 financial year.
‘’Government accounts are now ready for use and the Treasury Department can issue warrants to government agencies, provinces and government business should kick-off. There is no excuse for public servants to delay coming to work,’’ he said.
As soon as the Treasury Department starts issuing warrants, funds will start to flow into provinces and districts and public service work will start.
IFMS has been the success of the quick accounts opening in 2020. “I would like to also mention that all 2019 cheques can still be in use this year. I have notified the commercial banks not to reject 2019 checks and it’s valid for 12 months.

Meanwhile, Minister Paita applauds senior management and staff that stayed behind during the shutdown period to ensure successful close and opening of accounts was done in time.

Minister Rainbow Paita and Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan during the announcement of 2020 financial year opening at the Vulupindi Haus last Wednesday.