Preventing corruption through Citizen participation

In light of the International Fraud Awareness Week (Nov 17-23), Department of Finance PNG Phones Against Corruption (P@C) team presented its result since inception in August 2014 at the Public Sector Audit Program workshop.

The DoF P@C campaign joins the global annual event with one aim to promote anti-fraud awareness and education to reduce occupational fraud and corruption and helps to improve public service delivery.

Speaking at the workshop last month, UNDP consultant to DoF P@C Appala Saripalli revealed that a total of 1074 cases reported since inception.

“There was a total of 344 text message case reported, 431 text message case reports on other Departments and a total of 299 text message case reports on DoF alone.”

“This report includes both genuine and non-genuine cases which have been taken into account accordingly,” Mr Saripalli said.

“This result shows that sending a simple anonymous free text message to 16321 has been effective and can make a change in the fight against occupational fraud,” he said.

Mr Saripalli urged participants to utilise this simple yet effective platform to report suspicious fraud cases.

Meanwhile, Secretary Ngangan said he is happy to note the PNG Phones Against Corruption has been selected as a 2019 Fraud Week ambassador by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), USA.

Secretary Ngangan said this initiative is extended to all Audit Committee Agencies in joining the fight against corruption and fraud.

“I am confident that this initiative together with all efforts (audit committee agencies) will help curb corruption and enhance transparency and accountability of public finance management in PNG and delivery of public services to our people,” he said.

The P@C campaign is a joint initiative of PNG Department of Finance, UNDP and AusDFAT.