Department launches Governance Performance Scorecard

The Department has launched the Governance Performance Scorecard to enhance good governance and accountability for improved public service delivery and a way forward for the Papua New Guinea public service.

The Scorecard will be used to measure the performance of public institutions, departments and government agencies.

Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan thanked the Department especially the Internal Audit and Compliance Division for making this a success.

‘’Everyone including the public have the right to report what we are doing. Everyone has the right to provide public opinion and these opinions must be guided,’’ he said.

‘’The Audit team has a vital role to play in terms of good governance, the risk management, and the internal control of the organisation.

‘’In government we need to make sure there are laws covering the work that we do such as the Public Financial Management Act, the National Procurement Act and other acts that governs management practices.

He reminded other stakeholders and partner agencies that we all have important roles to play in our respective organisations for the good of the people of Papua New Guinea.

‘’We also have other bigger plans for the department that we are working on.’’

‘’However, we are open to recommendations as this will help us to make improvements in each of our organisations,’’ he said.

Deputy Secretary Support Services Samuel  Penias  said  this program will give confidence to government in what we do therefore we are engaging other partners, stakeholders and partner agencies to be part of the program so that they  can assist in funding and technical assistance.