Your health is your responsibility, says Ngangan

The Department of Finance has taken a step forward to promote healthy lifestyle at work place through physical exercise.

The Fitness walk initiative aims to boost and keep officers healthy so that everyone can all work together to deliver to the people of Papua New Guinea.

This is a weekly walk that will be held every Wednesday at Ela Beach around the ring road.

The Department has come to realized that most of the officers are not giving enough time doing physical exercise, which contributes to lifestyle diseases that affect their lives, family and work.

Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan who led the walk last week urged everyone to join the walk to keep healthy and promote a health working environment while we continue to serve our people.

‘’Our health is very important and we should take full responsibility of it,’’ he said.

There was a good turn-out last week and we are hopeful for all staff to join us for the weekly walk.

Officers participating during the Walk last week.
(L-R) Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, Samson Metofa and Marlene Philip who led the walk at the Ela Beach.