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Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of Papua New Guinea is the highest level office in the country of PNG.  The PMO and its staff performs a wide variety of tasks, including provision of policy advice, information gathering, communications, planning, and strategising
Government portal

Government portal providing comprehensive information and links.
Department of Treasury

The Treasury Department provides to the Government research and advice on economic issues; preparation, monitoring and advice on financial issues arising from the National Budget; policy advice on the finance and resource management of National Government Departments, Provincial and Local Level Government and state owned enterprises.
Department of National Planning & Monitoring

The Department of National Planning and Monitoring is responsible for ensuring that the development pathway of the country is strategic, aligned to the principles of responsible sustainable growth, and monitoring and reporting on outcomes of government development plans and policies.
Internal Revenue Commission

The Internal Revenue Commission is responsible for the collection of most of PNG’s Tax Revenue.
National Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs

The National Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs prime responsibility is to support provinces and local-level governments to perform their duties under the Organic Law and provide the vital link between the National Government, Provincial Governments, and Local Government levels.
Provincial Capacity Building and Enhancement Program

PCaB is a Department of Finance financial capacity building program with provincial and district level advisers whose primary role is to improve the capacity of Department of Finance staff in the submission of financial reports.
Integrated Financial Management Systems

Integrated Financial Management Systems is a Department of Finance Division which provides a robust and effective online financial management system for the Department (including Provinces and Districts) and Statutory Authorities.  The website provides a comprehensive suite of resources to support officers working with the system including guides, training, templates and updates.