Financial Control

The Financial Control Division is responsible for four key areas:

  1. Cash Management, that is, the effective and timely management of cash flows to agencies. This includes timely, accurate processing of payments, receipts and reconciliation; monitoring and reporting on the status of the Consolidated Revenue Fund; remitting funds to Provinces, Districts and Statutory Authorities in accord with Appropriation Acts, Warrant authority and Finance Instructions; monitoring, journalising, reviewing and reporting on Debt Transaction;
  2. Expenditure Control and Monitoring, that is conducting monthly analysis and quarterly review of the overall government expenditure performances; administering payments for Claims By and Against the State; managing Authority to Pre-commit expenditure applications; engaging Financial Controllers in major spending Departments to oversee and ensure compliance with the PFMA;
  3. Trust Accounting Branch – administering all Trust Accounts for government agencies; assisting agencies on trust account bank reconciliation; enforcing compliance for trust payments as per the PFMA and Appropriation Act; and
  4. Accounts Payable Branch – administering all payments by Department of Finance and ensuring compliance with the PFMA and Appropriation Act.