Welcome to the Department of Finance

Minister's Message

The O’Neill-Dion Government is committed to the development of Papua New Guinea and to the improvement of services for all its people. Information is a critical resource for the 21st Century. It is important for the Government to spell out its plans so that everyone can see what it is doing, and for the people to engage with Government. The Department of Finance has an important role to play in ensuring the Government’s goals are met, and I commend the Department for developing this new website to communicate…

Secretary's Message

I am proud to lead the Department of Finance.  There is scarcely an area anywhere else in the public sector more central to ensuring the successful delivery of some of the Government’s biggest and most far-reaching reform agendas.

Approximately 400 staff in Head Office and 900 staff in 22 Provinces and 89 Districts serve the people of Papua New Guinea with the mission ‘To promote the efficient, effective and ethical use of public money in Papua New Guinea’